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Me and My Ride Posted on 15th Sep 2013, 5:03pm by admin

Guess who’s back!

These months have been kind to me with providing me fodder for my keyboard. Mmmm…

Since I left off last month, I’ve been keeping an eye on the traffic situation in and around the churches I frequent. You know, when I last lamented on how many parishioners made a beeline for the exit door at the first available moment, and how everyone is dashing to exit the carpark?

It then dawned on me just how packed the church carpark was! A peek-in (into the carpark) once service has started, and you can see the cars double / triple parked in the basement lots, till they even line up on the slope down to the basement.

I know that a popular Church in the central district has resorted, for quite some time, to hiring Cisco security officers to direct traffic on Saturdays after services. Another in the North-East has resorted to requesting for parking privileges along the roads outside from certain lamp posts to certain lamp posts. And many church goers already double/triple park their cars in the carpark lots and basements till its bursting at its seams, or spill over into nearby small roads / lanes with single or double yellow lines.

Ok quick straw poll here. How many of you drive to church? Uh huh.. Uh huh.. *furiously counts the number of hands raised* Oh come on, no need to be shy. I’m sure you will so totally agree with me on the carpark situation.

The concept of catchment area is not new – district parishes were meant to serve a certain designated neighbourhood population, not to mention, almost “delivering” the Gospel to people’s doorsteps. Ok, its difficult to expect everyone to walk to church on weekends in their Sunday best, especially in this Singapore weather – omg, I am already starting to sweat just thinking about the walk from my palace to church under the hot sun.

Ok I jest. But yeah, it is hard also to expect families toting kids to bring them to church without a vehicle; or families who plan to go out for family outings after church to not drive… But what really gets my gall, is when some people reverse and maneouvere, such that they are in “prime” position to exit the church once service ends. Or when they do not follow instructions; or when they refuse to let you exit out of your parking lot; or… actually the list probably can go on for another page.

I was once caught in such a traffic snafu in the carpark, and this other car came up behind me sooo close, I really felt his bumper grind against my carriage as she inched forward. I cast a withering glance at the other driver, who conveniently ignored my death-stare. -_-” But I couldn’t just get out of my car in the middle of the traffic snafu and confront the other person, could I? Ok, maybe I could, but I didn’t. Dang. There went my chance.

Oh, pardon me. I’ve digressed. Pardon. *please hallucinate up a faux french accent, thanks.*

My point is – after all that rambling above: 1. Do consider a healthier step (literally) by walking to church if possible. Some sunshine could do wonders.  2. *Public service announcement* Listen to the carpark wardens, and practice road courtesy!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta send my Porsche (this, I truly wish =p) in for servicing.


~ Signing off, the Resident Muse

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