The Catholic Medical Guild of Singapore


“The Catholic On Call Handbook”
by Dr. Alison Marion Snodgrass (MBBS(S’pore), MRCPCH(UK)(Paed Med), MMed (Paed Med))

with input from:
Dr. Ian James Snodgrass (MBBS(S’pore))
Father David Garcia (O.P.)
Dr. Colin Ong (MBBS(S’pore, MRCS(Edinburgh)(A&E),DMA (Bioethics)
Dr. John Hui
Dr. Ong Yew Jin

The Catholic On Call Handbook, is a bioethics guide for Catholic doctors that aims to help with navigation through sticky ethical situations in clinical practice. Each chapter provides information on Church teaching, basic information (medical, legal etc) on the topic in question, suggested responses to various clinical scenarios/FAQs and references for further reading.

Chpt 1 – Decision-making in health care

Chpt 2 – Contraception, sterilisation and family planning

Chpt 3 – Infertility

Chpt 4 – Abortion

Chpt 5 – Genetic testing and research

Chpt 6 – Sexuality

Chpt 7 – Organ and stem cell transplants

Chpt 8 – Euthanasia

Chpt 9 – Vaccines

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