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The Catholic Medical Guild of Singapore aims:

*  To build a vibrant Catholic medical community.

*  To be an authoritative voice and a reference point

on bioethical issues .

*  To provide medical services to the community.


COVID 19 Resources 

During this tough period of COVID 19, our Catholic Healthcare staff are fighting in the front lines to keep this situation under control, and to keep our nation safe. 

Click here for more resources to support us during this COVID 19 situation (both for healthcare and non-healthcare workers) 

With regards to the morality of COVID Vaccines, click here for our Archishop’s pastoral letter, and here for the FAQs written by the CMG.  If there are any further queries, please feel free to contact us at


CMG Ethics Centre 

The CMG Ethics Centre was set up and launched in 2018 to answer queries on bioethical issues from both the public and the medical fraternity, in the Catholic Context. Currently it being run as a email consult service.

Feel free to email for all your ethics queries.


TrueLove.Is – Christians with unwanted Same-Sex Attraction 

“As Christians with same-sex attraction, we have decided for ourselves not to act on our same-sex attraction. Our lived experiences are valid. But there are many who want to cancel our stories on social media.

We exist. We matter. We belong. Will you stand by us? Will you speak up for us?”

Visit to learn more about TrueLove.Is, a ministry of the 3:16 church that shares stories and helps provide resources of Christians with unwanted same sex attraction. 
Feel free to share support by signing their open letter at their website, or checking out their video below: 



Heart Beat Project – Noah

Click here to look at our other resources


Luke the Evangelist painting Vladimirskaya icon of Our Lady.


Prayer to St. Luke

In times of need we often turn to the saints for intercession to God on our behalf. Saint Luke, the Evangelist, is the patron saint of physicians, surgeons and artists. A person who asks St. Luke for intercession may use the following prayer.

Prayer of the Order of Saint Luke

Almighty God, who inspired Your servant Luke the Physician to set forth in the Gospel the love and healing power of Your Son: Graciously continue in Your Church the love and power to heal, to the praise and glory of Your Name, through Jesus Christ, our Lord.




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Q&A on the Morality of the COVID-19 Vaccine

Click here to read the COVID-19 Vaccines FAQ prepared by the CMG

Updated – Resources 

1. COVID 19 Resources

During this tough period of COVID 19, our Catholic Healthcare staff are fighting in the front lines to keep this situation under control, and to keep our nation safe. 

Click Here to go to the resources page

2. Catholic On-Call Handbook

We are pleased to bring you the online version of the Catholic-On-Call Handbook! Written by Dr Alison Snodgrass, this is a bioethics guide for Catholic doctors that aims to help with navigation through sticky ethical situations in clinical practice. Read more…




Joining CMG

For those interested to find out more about or to join the Catholic Medical Guild, please feel free to contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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"I promise to consecrate my life to the service of humanity in the footsteps of Jesus Christ the Divine Physician."