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A Gift of Life Posted on 11th Aug 2013, 6:48pm by Alvin

Today’s Sunday Times front-page article was certainly an eye-catcher. Nope, not referring to NDP (which was yesterday’s front page btw)..

liver donation

A really touching story of a total stranger’s kindness, and his life-giving gift of himself (literally) to another complete stranger. Truly, the donor Mr Tong deserves all our respect and admiration for his selflessness and charity.

How many of us would even consider giving a portion of our liver to someone who is not related to us? On a related note, have you ever wondered about the Catholic Church’s stand on organ donation?

This writer has never really explored the resources available on this website — perhaps this is a good time to explore our resources available on the website ;), and realized that our CMG website does have some useful links here!

  • this website reproduces Pope Benedict XVI’s public address at a congress on Organ Donation.

A quick google search threw up a few other interesting links:

  • this old article on the Singapore Catholic News, harks back to an event in 2007 when the organs of a dead patient was harvested according to local Human Organ Transplant Act (HOTA) law. It gives a succinct reply by The Catholic Medical Guild of Singapore on the issue of Organ Transplant, and reminds us of the sensitive nature of organ transplanting, especially from deceased donors.
  • this article from the Canandian Catholic Education Resource Centre, also briefly talks about organ transplant from live and deceased donors, quoting evidence from the Evangelium Vitae and the Cathechism of the Catholic Church.

Perhaps a quick summary might be in order (in case you’re too tired to plough through the above links). It would seem then that some of the key points would be

  1. Organ donation is a “unique testimony of charity”
  2. should only be done if it doesn’t put the donor’s own health at serious danger
  3. there must be free, proper, full and informed consent on the part of the live donor
  4. proper determination of death / brain death, in the case of a deceased donor


Of course, there are also other forms of donations out there that can be life-giving, such as blood donation! In recent years, local parishes have been tying up with the blood bank to organize blood-donation drives at churches to boost the blood stores in Singapore. (Ref: CN article). Donors are important to help maintain the blood store supply in Singapore, which are needed by sick patients and emergency operations. So, remember to give them your support when the blood donation drive comes around!


* This blog article is not meant to be a full discussion and exposition on the viewpoint and ethics of Organ Transplantation. For more information, please seek advice from your local church services. *

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